Top Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly in the Winter

We’re well into November now, which means one thing – Winter is well on the way, and Christmas will be here before we know it. Winter is well known for being the worst month in which to sell your property – and really there’s no question as to why. Why would someone want to sell and move house in the dark and freezing cold, when they could wait for longer days and warmer weather? Well, unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury of waiting, and sales have to be made, even in the Winter months. If your house is either currently on the market, or you know it’s going to be in the next few months, here are some top tips that’ll help you to sell your home quickly in the Winter.

Curb Appeal

It doesn’t matter if you need cash for your house, or you’re going down a more traditional route – curb appeal is of upmost importance, regardless of the time of year. It just changes slightly as the seasons do.

If you haven’t heard the expression before, curb appeal is very simply a real estate term which refers to the attractiveness of the exterior of a property from a street view. It really is that simple.

People often focus solely on the inside of their homes when it comes to Winter viewings, as generally speaking, that’s where people want to be when it’s cold outside. However, you shouldn’t undermine the importance of your home’s exterior when it comes to selling. Generally speaking, this is the first impression – other than photos – that potential buyers will get of the property, so it’s the first thing they’ll judge. The more inviting it looks, the more they’ll want to come in – it really is as simple as that.

That being said, make sure your garden is as tidy as it possibly can be in the bad weather. Try planting some winter friendly shrubs, and perhaps investing in a couple of hanging baskets on either side of the door. If it’s close to Christmas, a nice wreath never goes a miss either!

Speaking of the front door, it’s never a bad idea to make this the focal point. Paint it a lovely warm colour like a deep red, and accessorise with gold handle, numbers and letterbox. Finish with a cutesy doormat, and remember to light up the windows warmly with interior lighting to really give it that idyllic feel.

Create an Atmosphere

Next up, use furnishings and décor in your home effectively to create the perfect Winter – or “hide from the Winter” – atmosphere.

In these calendar months, people want nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa with a warm drink in a cosily lit room, and relax. Remember when selling property you’re not only selling a physicality of a building, but rather the promise that this is the place in which they could make those memories, and achieve those things.

Do this by furnishing each room effectively. An ultra-soft throw on the sofa, extra cushions on the bed, and fluffy rugs to sink your feet into never go amiss – plus they can help to insulate your home so that’s a plus. Light scented candles, and make sure the fire is lit. Potential buyers will want to move in right away!


Make Sure the Windows are Clean

Okay, this might sound a little silly, but ensuring that your windows are sparkling clean during the Winter months is a must.

Think about it, we really don’t get enough light as it is. That being said, do you really want murky windows stopping the little amount of light we get from coming through the window and brightening up your home?

People often look for a bright and airy space when viewing properties, and this can be hard to achieve in the Winter. Making sure your windows are letting in the maximum of light they can will help this along the way naturally, and will give your house the overall appearance of being cleaner too. Result.


Turn the Heating on

Last of all, make sure the heating is on for all of your viewings.

We know, we’re all trying to save on our energy bills at this time of year, but it’s a small expense to make that could result in your house selling more quickly.

No one wants to stay in a house that’s just as cold as the weather outside – so make sure it’s toasty and they’ll never want to go.

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