South Lyon And the Greatness of Michigan

If there is a dry state, it is definitely not Michigan! Michigan is surrounded by water and has a lot of water running through it. Michigan is not anywhere near the oceans. However, it borders the Great Lakes. There are beaches along the Great Lakes that people go to. The state boasts the fact that it has more than 11,000 lakes inland. What is also impressive is the fact that the only other state that has more coastline than it is Alaska. Michigan is the one place in the world with the longest freshwater shoreline.

Michigan is in the Midwest. Its climate is temperate, so residents of Michigan can rest assured that they will always have seasons. The Midwest is looked down upon, like other parts of America, because it is not the hottest or trendiest place to be. However, Michigan is a good place to be if you want the pace of life that it offers people. Michigan is a good place if you want to buy a cheap house and live a regular, normal life. You are not going to be down the block from the hottest neighborhoods in the country, but you will be able to be a homeowner and live affordably.

South Lyon is located on the eastern chunk of Michigan. It is located on the eastern side of that chunk, west of Detroit. As of the year 2010, there were more than 11,000 people living in South Lyon. South Lyon was 95.2% white. There were 4,646 households in the town. Half of these households were of married couples. South Lyon is an amazing place to look into when it comes to real estate. One can easily find manufactured homes in South Lyon, MI. The neighborhood has a lot to offer people who are looking for different price points of homes.

Michigan has a wide array of opportunities when it comes to the lifestyles that is offers its residents. People can pursue urban, suburban and rural lifestyles within the state of Michigan. Detroit, a very heavily urbanized area, is a well-known city in Michigan. Grand Rapids is also another name that is somewhat well-known. Michigan has had the reputation of being a place where cars were produced. Car production has waned over time, and there are many books and documentaries that talk about the drastic changes that occurred in localities when car production jobs left.

Michigan gets cold in the winter. The state has seasons, and you will see drastic changes throughout the year when it comes to weather and temperature. Of course, the weather and temperature in Michigan depends on where you are in the state and what land forms you are near.

Whether Michigan is a red or blue state is complicated and depends on what time period you are talking about. If you look at 2011 maps, you will see that most of Michigan is blue. However, if you look at 2016 maps of Michigan, you will see that most of the state is red, with the exception of major metropolitan areas like Detroit.

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