Are today’s sellers really in need of a realtor? These are four compelling reasons

With how quickly homes have been selling in today’s rapidly-recovered market — listing for as few as 12 days — many sellers have questions. Is it necessary to have realtors anymore? Can’t I figure it all out online?

Sellers may be attracted to listing their property without the help of a realtor, as they can keep more commission. Agents know that this comes with a cost. The seller is responsible for any showings, open houses, and documentation.

These resources can be used to help your clients when they have questions. A realtor can offer you at least four major benefits.

1. You can save time and earn more.

A professional realtor can provide information beyond what is available on Zillow or Redfin to help sellers understand the local market. This information is crucial for pricing a home in a profitable manner and finding a suitable home at a reasonable price. An agent can provide information to a seller about the expected price, financing requirements, and closing date for the type of house they are looking at.

An agent can offer sellers exclusive access to additional possibilities beyond the thousands of homes that are available online. This includes properties that have not yet been advertised.

This can save you weeks of searching time. A professional realtor will be able to narrow down the properties and show only those that match your criteria. Likewise, an agent knows what today’s buyers are looking for and can help better present a house for sale to bring a maximum return — netting anywhere from 6

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To35 percent MoreSelling solo is not an option.

2. Avoid legal headaches

To put it mildly, real estate laws and local regulations can be complex. No wonder FSBO transactions are down from 19 to just eight percent

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. This is the lowest number since 1981, when the National Association of REALTORS(r), began to record FSBO statistics.

Tell your sellers:

  • Red tape can differ from one year to the next.
  • Local boards license agents and hold them to high ethical standards. Legal complaints are often addressed without the need to hire expensive lawyers.
  • A realtor can act as a middleman if a seller isn’t willing to do the legal research.

In other words, hiring a Realtor is like having an interpreter. It can take months, if not years, to learn all the real estate jargon. This makes it even more rewarding to have a professional explain the terms. Selling with assistance is a great way to gain knowledge and expertise.

3. Facilitate smoother negotiations

Today’s market is competitive because of low inventory and high buyer demand. It’s entirely possible for a seller to receive multiple offers within days of listing.

Clients might be pleased to know that you will bring the big guns to the table by using your services. A seller who has never been able to successfully negotiate a real estate transaction and close on a house could be accidentally (or intentionally) taken advantage of.

An agent representing the seller can make a huge difference in securing a fair contract. Professional negotiators can be hardworking and help sellers get the best deal. A sale could be delayed or canceled if you don’t pay attention to every detail.

4. Stay safe.

A professional agent will always put the seller’s family and interests first, particularly in these times of current health crisis. However, with FSBO it can be difficult, if certainly impossible, to control and limit who enters a home. An agent can help sellers protect their homes, health, and possessions by implementing the right protocols.

These can include:

  • Controlling how many people can enter a house at one time.
  • After and during a show, sanitize.
  • Virtual tours are a great way to reduce foot traffic.

It is hard to beat the convenience factor. The seller doesn’t need to be there every time someone asks for a tour or wants to view their house. They also won’t have the responsibility of marketing it. With fewer responsibilities, they’ll be less stressed. A skilled appraiser, appraiser, stager, or repairperson can be recommended by an agent who adheres to COVID standards.

Our goal is to help your sellers find a home quickly.

A great realtor can collaborate seamlessly with a great lender. If you haven’t found a lender partner that gives your clients the five-star service they deserve yet — with a 100-percent commitment to on-time closings — let’s chat. You can also request a co-branded version to share with your clients.

This post was written by Josh Dotoli! Josh is the owner of which is a laser-focused real estate team at Compass comprised of industry experts selling Fort Lauderdale’s best neighborhoods. This dynamic group is one of the top-selling real estate teams in South Florida with over $94 million in sales in the past 12 months alone.

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