Right property and right designs

Who has never passed in front of a real estate project and imagined himself inside it? Although there are beautiful models, decorated and ready to live, buying a property in the plant has become an interesting option for those looking for affordable planning and values, but it is still necessary to take some precautions when purchasing a project under construction.

The first point to consider is to choose the type of property well, that is, if you have enough rooms, balcony, garage etc. This should be a choice based on projections and market trends, as they will influence the final value of the property in a possible sale after it is ready.

Decorated version x real estate

And speaking of renovations and decoration, keep in mind that the property delivered will not be the same as that decorated model that draws attention at the stands and points of sale that can be know at the real estate website. So if you want homes for sale chesterton in worthy of a novel, ask the seller if the finish is already included in the total price, if there is an additional package or if it is necessary to hire an architect or interior designer to finish your dream property.

Save brochures and drafts

Do you know those drafts that the seller makes behind the brochure with comparative accounts, benefits, discounts and installment amounts to convince you to close the deal? Keep all these materials, along with the business card and the license number of the responsible broker.

In the future, if you need to challenge any information, guarantee your rights or claim benefits, these drafts and brochures will serve as a basis for your conversation.

Avoid closing the same day purchase

Imagine the scene: you are sitting at a beautiful dining table, looking at a beautifully decorated apartment, with soft lighting, a technological kitchen, modern furniture, but none of this is real.

In fact, you are sitting in a decorated model, designed by the construction company to bring a feeling of comfort and well-being, and this is not the best place to sign a contract as valuable as that of your own home.

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