Which Carpet Is Really Best for Pets?

Carpet for Pets

If you have a household with pets who just can’t seem to stop having accidents, your carpets have probably already been through the mill. When it comes time to replace your beloved household carpet, you’re faced with a tough decision. Should you get a carpet that you’re not as attached to knowing it’s going to be stained, or should you get something that you really love knowing that it could easily get ruined? With pet-friendly carpets now on the market, you no longer have to choose between the two. You can give your pet free reign of the house without having to worry about cleaning your carpet every five seconds. If you’re looking for the best carpet choice for pets, here are a few tips to go by.

Go Stain-Resistant

Years ago, you might not have been able to choose a rug that you loved the look of that also had the ability to fight pet stains. Today, nearly every high-end carpet company offers a stain-resistant carpet for pet owners as well as homeowners who are prone to messes. These carpets are designed to look and feel exactly like a normal rug, with the key exception that they’re specifically engineered to keep out moisture, odor, and staining so that they stay smelling and looking fresh for longer. Some rugs are even formulated to keep pet hairs on the surface rather than letting them sink into the material. These rugs exist to repel unwanted odor and staining so that you don’t have to keep running back and forth to the cleaners every time your dog has an accident.

Moisture-Proof is Best

Even within the stain-resistant category, you’ll find a ton of other options for keeping your carpet fresh as day despite pet odors. While some stain-resistant rugs are created to repel dirt and grime buildup, there are specific pet-proof rugs that have a built-in moisture barrier at the top to keep any staining resigned to the very surface where you can easily clean it off. This is important for keeping your rug fresh for longer since so many long-term carpet problems arise from moisture seeping down into the rug’s base and creating an opportunity for mold and mildew to crop up. With specifically pet-friendly surfaces, you’ll be investing in a moisture-proof surface that will work overtime to keep your rug free of mold and your carpet surface clean and clear, even without the use of a cushion or extra barrier underneath.

Try Synthetic Fibers


Try Synthetic Fibers

If you’re looking for a rug that’s truly luxurious and beautiful, you might feel tempted to purchase something with long strands and natural fibers. However, if you have a pet that’s prone to mess, your choice of lush, luxurious carpeting could end up causing you a ton of trouble and creating a lot of work in the long run. If you’re investing in a pet-proof carpet, you’ll most likely be purchasing a synthetic rug that will reduce the risk of allergens and dust mites getting trapped in your home. In addition to this, you’ll be purchasing a rug that will work hard to keep the air you breathe free of any pollutants or toxins all year round.

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