How to build a bay window seat

A window seat can be a striking and practical feature in your home. If you have a bay window, it is a way to relax and it can provide useful extra storage. If you do not have a window seat, you can build your own.

Bay windows became fashionable in the late Victorian era. They became popular because of the increased light and improved views they provide, as well as their ability to make a room appear larger.

Building a window seat does not have to be difficult. With the right materials and a bit of care, you too can make the most of your bay window.

Before you start

If you’re looking for new windows Gloucester based FirmFix are a great choice ( You can also make a window seat in one of your existing windows. Will you still need to be able to access plug sockets and wiring once the seat is in place? You may also wish to ensure that it will be relatively easy for any future owner to remove the seat without damaging the surroundings.


If you want a sturdy seat, you need to start with a strong frame. This is especially true if you have children who are likely to bounce on it. Wood is a good material, as it is strong and relatively easy to work. Even if your floor is uneven, make sure the back and front of your frame are level.

Front face

This can be made from MDF. After it is cut to size, use nails or wood glue to attach it to the frame. You can then attach some correctly sized timber to the sheet and coat it with primer.


The top is where you will sit, so it needs to be strong. Plywood is a good material that is not too expensive. Make sure the pieces are strong and the right size before you fit them to the frame. A piano hinge can be used to attach the lid to the back of the seat.

Final touches

Extra strips of wood can provide a lip for the lid and cover any gaps around the edges. Filler can be used on any other holes, such as those left by screws. Finish it off by sanding and painting your preferred colour.

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