Different Grille Styles for the Windows and Doors in Your Home

If you’re choosing windows for your home, you’ve probably given a ton of thought to all the different window styles out there. But have you considered what different types of window and door grilles could do for your home’s aesthetic? Not taking the time to sift through the huge range of options when it comes to window grilles is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make in choosing new windows. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in terms of tone, composition, and light exposure, the right grille style can help you get it. Even if you’re looking to keep things simple and basic, your Renewal by Andersen windows can always benefit from a custom grille style. If you’re trying to make the best possible choice when it comes to home design, here are a few different door and window grille types you should be aware of.

Colonial Style

If you’ve been in the Midwest, you’ve seen your share of colonial style grilles before. In fact, another descriptor for this style might be “normal” grilles. The plain, no-frills looks of these grilles are so common as to be almost second nature to newer home styles. For the colonial look, each window is separated into 6 rectangular frames (or ‘lights’) with mounting on the interior and exterior sections of the window. By dividing the window up into even sections, homes receiving more direct sunlight have an easier time of deflecting the harsh midday light while gaining a clean-cut, classic look. If you’re trying to break up the monotony of a room with no grilles, or if you’re simply a bit overwhelmed, the colonial style is a great choice, especially for a traditional-style home.

Prairie Style

Featuring a large, central panel surrounded by slimmer columns and corner squares, a prairie-style grille provides a ton of light exposure and a beautiful geometric pattern for rooms that are a bit more hidden from natural light. Prairie style grilles, most often found in 20th-century modern homes, are complemented by dark wood frames and create a full, picturesque view to the outdoors. Because of their design, prairie windows work best in areas of the home where attention to detail isn’t lost on guests or inhabitants. For this reason, more contemplative, low-energy rooms in the home, like back rooms, dens, or private studies, show these windows in their best light.

Diamond Pattern

A diamond pattern grille isn’t easily forgotten. Composed of equal-sized, interlocking diamond shapes, these grille types are found in a variety of older homes across the country, oftentimes creating the glass panel pattern in doorways and other entryways. Since diamond pattern grilles tend to stand out, they work best in homes that already have a lot of intriguing design details, such as Tudor-style homes with their brown and cream exterior, and more imposing, angular Victorian-style homes.

No Grilles

For homeowners who prefer a picture window or casement window style, no grilles are necessary. Even though windows without grilles do have a tendency to let in a lot of harsh sunlight, with the right blinds or drapes, the effect can be muted as wished. Mixing up a few different grille styles within the home could present the opportunity for a few rooms without any flourish. If you’re dealing with a much more colorful, creative interior, choosing windows without grilles is a good way to keep the focus on other style points, such as wallpaper and window dressing.

Custom Patterns

As with any window type, grilles can be customized to fit the vision of the homeowner. Customization is also a great idea for homeowners who have a surplus of eclectic or irregular-sized windows. If you’re a homeowner who’s starting from scratch and you need some inspiration, consider doing a bit of research into older homes to see what works and what doesn’t. Remember, basically any geometric pattern can be the inspiration for a window grille. Not everything has to be symmetrical, and not everything has to match from room to room. If you’re looking to make a bold statement in a room and you’re not sure how to do it, choosing a custom grille can be a perfect start.

Victorian Style

For those who really enjoy visually stimulating patterns, there’s a lot to love about the Victorian grille style, feature lots of intricate design and Art Nouveau-type imagery. Because Victorian styles tend to draw the eye and make a statement, they’re best used on smaller areas of the home, like transom windows or entryways. However, if you have a large, glassed-in area and you’re looking to really dress it up, choosing a Victorian grille can be just the thing. Just remember that because these designs are very detailed, they might take a bit longer to clean and will be difficult to weatherproof and reinstall. However, if you’re looking for a window grille style to dazzle visitors, you won’t be disappointed with your choice.



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